About Me


What makes Fairbanks and North Pole buyers and sellers choose Lori Peterson again and again?

It isn't her degree in Business Management, her GRI designation, her associate broker status, or her many sales awards. And while 13 years in management helped her hone her organizational, communication, and negotiation skills, those probably aren't the reason either. 

What matters most to Lori's clients is the fact that for her, real estate is not so much a sales profession as a helping profession. Her positive attitude, zest for life, and love of both her community and her work are evident in all she does.
From insisting that a buyer not "settle" but keep looking for the right home, to assisting her sellers with staging, to advising newcomers about the joys and challenges of living in Alaska, it's obvious that Lori's objective is to help her clients achieve happy outcomes. 

Born in Fairbanks and raised in North Pole, Lori knows the area inside out, and loves to introduce newcomers to all the fun and exciting things to do in and around her community. And Lori does consider Fairbanks, North Pole, and the surrounding area to be "her" community. While some might prefer the big city, Lori is glad to live where she can be involved with the community and where going to the store usually means stopping to chat with people she knows – and answering questions about the local real estate market, of course. 

Both buyers and sellers know they can count on Lori to protect and guide them. She's not afraid to tell a buyer why the home they're considering isn't the right choice, or to tell sellers that the price they're considering won't get their home sold. And while she enjoys people of all ages, she gets a special satisfaction and joy from guiding young buyers through the process of finding and purchasing a home. She appreciates their energy and enthusiasm and says "They're fun to work with."

Her patience and candor are just two more reasons why Lori's clients come back again and again – and send their friends.


When not working with buyers and sellers, Lori enjoys deep sea fishing, camping, snowmobiling, boating, and playing on the Seadoos with her grandchildren. For quiet pursuits, she enjoys gardening, reading, and simply   spending time with family. And, because she loves design, she counts working with sellers in staging their homes among her "for fun" activities. 

Lori's slogan is "Super Service Sales Results." Once you've worked with her, you'll know why.